The Bravest Princes Ever

The triplets are constantly escaping from the Elementary school that’s right next to the High School. They consider it a huge feat to worm away from their kindergarten teacher and onto the much larger campus of Deposse High. It also makes them “bad boys” in the eyes of the other kindergarteners and thus gives them a pretty good reputation.

The chase


“Oh you were askin’ fer it since the moment you ran off!” she yelled back, moving off of him to grab his wrists and dangle him away from her. The other two however hadn’t fallen for her trap, and were already making their merry way towards a distant hall. “Drat!” she’d almost had them, if only they weren’t such cunning little devils, they would have regretted the day they’d ever crossed her. She looked between Hubert and the hall, debating on whether to just leave him there and run after them, or continue to hold him prisoner until the others came. The latter sounded better.

 ”Oh Harris! Hamish! Abandonin’ your brother like that is gonna cost ya. Ne’er leave a fallen man behind!” she yelled out, hopefully loud enough that they could hear her from some far recess of the castle walls. Their father had been instrumental in teaching them the ways of fighting and war. He’d been in many a battle himself, and took it upon himself to teach them about the wars and legends every chance he could get. One of those rules, never leave a man behind no matter what.

"An’ who said we were leavin’ him behind," Harris called back to his sister. "Aye," laughed Hamish, "We’ll be back!" 

They were telling the truth, they were just running off to go and come up with a plan. Their previously planned attack had turned into a rescue mission and they intended to rescue their brother from the monstrous being that was their evil older sister. Harris and Hamish just needed to figure out how. Their sister was smart and getting past her wouldn’t be too easy.

So the boys dashed from the room, down the hall, ripped through the castle, and barricaded themselves into their room. While they did that, Hubert squirmed in his sister’s grip. He tried to kick her, but she held him at an arm’s length. He craned his neck, tried to bite at her hands, and cried, “EVIL SIST’R LET GO O’ ME!”


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